I was stunned to see the new maid at our house in Goa… She was a visual delight! A very very pretty young woman, simple, yet elegantly dressed, with a beautiful smile, which she endorsed quite often. In fact, I would say, she did not look like a maid at all. This made me curious. I chatted her up a bit and soon found out that she actually belonged to a well-to-do family… that is before she fell in love with a guy. Both the parents were opposed to the alliance and hence the couple were not left with much option but to run away and get married. Thats what they did! They both ran away, got married, and had a kid. The guy now works as a watchman of our building… The girl makes her share of contribution to the family income by doing house hold work in the various houses…

All this to make ends meet and to feed their 6-yr old child. You know whats the most beautiful part of their story!? They are both happy and content – smiling always! Just happy being with each other. It doesnt matter if they dont have a lot of money. They are happy taking care of their little family!  

Now, if this isnt love… what is!? 🙂