Year: 2006

Another one of my mistakes… I chose to ignore the release of Vivaah… Somehow, I have always associated Rajshree Telefilms with traditional chocolatie sweet actresses and great music… They are known to present their actresses in the most elegant way possible and Madhuri looked simply ethereal in HAHK. Now, coming to Vivaah, what I saw from a couple of trailers was a dull-looking Amrita Rao… I must admit the girl tried her best to carry off the elegance, the sharmana and the nazaqat, which suited Madhuri to the T, failed to work with Amrita miserably. Hence, I decided to ignore the movie altogether. What added further to the resolve was the fact that almost all my friends who saw the movie found it trash! Hmmmpff!! So much for going by what the junta says… 

I happened to see the movie purely by chance! Liked it sooo much that ended up seeing it twice in 2 days…  

One word that aptly describes the movie – Simple! 

It doesnt have the over-dose of chutzpah and glamour usually associated with the big banners. It is a plain and simple love story of two people bethrothed to be married. Now, as per the traditional Indian norms, their wedding is “arranged” by those known to both the families. The movie starts with a father wondering out aloud that his tiny little daughters are now grown up and that he should start looking for a proper alliance for them. Just then, a suitable alliance comes for the girl… the guys family visits the girls family and they get engaged in the first meeting itself… After that, in the typical Sooraj Barjatya style, the newly bethrothed couple begin the fall in love… And that is oh so romantic! 😀  The entire process of arranged marriage is captured very well.. what works in favour and against arranged marriages… Believe me, I was beginning to lose faith in Arranged Marriages…but the movie reaffirmed my faith in the same! 

Go watch it 🙂