Sudha Murty is famous! We had heard of her quite often, through the charity work she does and the Infosys Foundation. But then, a lot of wives of rich and famous men are famous. So, there did not seem anything special about Sudha Murty – She was known more as the wife of Narayan Murty. This was the image I had in mind, until I heard her speak at our convocation.

The woman may have become popular thanks to her well-known husband, but she is every bit as intelligent (maybe more) as him and every bit as compassionate as a woman should be. And she gives this grand-motherly image as she has the penchant for narrating stories (being a teacher).

One such compilation of various stories is the book “The old man and his God”. Its a tiny little book, but a really good read. The instances she has cited are the ones we do not come across daily but, nevertheless, they can and do happen!

If you can lay hands on this one, do take it along on a flight or a short trip. You wont regret it! 🙂