Erich Segal

If you thought Love Story was good, you MUST read this one! It is as good as Love Story in terms of quality, but far more intense! Where Love Story dealt with the intricacies of relationship between a man and his lady love, Man, Woman and Child deals with more complicated relationships – it deals with the tribulations of a lady and her family when she discovers the infidelity of her husband! If things werent bad enough, the man has a child too from the fling he had ages ago.

The story beautifully captures the emotions of every single character – The guilt and a sense of remorse in the man (Bob), the sorrows of the illegitimate child (Jean-Claude) who has no one to go to, the man’s wife  (Sheila) who keeps wondering what went wrong, what she did or did not do – what made her husband go to another woman!

A heart-wrenching story! Your heart goes out to the innocence of the little child, who does everything he can to make his “Aunt” and Bob (he calls his dad by name) happy!

Towards the end, the entire family wants Jean-Claude to stay with them and not go back to France, from where he came from after his mother’s death! But he decides to go…. leaving everyone behind him lachrymose!

Go read it! 🙂