[Statutory warning: This blog is straight from the heart about searching for a place to stay in bangalore… is bound to have a lottttttttttt of 😦 smileys… so beware! You may find a tear at the end of it 😛 ]

If you are in Bangalore and if your company is not gracious enough to let you stay in that oh-so-good guest house forever, you know what i mean!!! 😦 Searching for a decent place to stay in Bangalore, is like hunting for a needle in a stack of hay! I have gone through the entire process 3 times before in the same city and yet, it never fails to amaze me!!! 😦

When I first came to Bangalore, I was full of hopes of staying in a “Decent” PG… preferably a single occupancy one (Whew!!! What a dream!). Then someone suggested, you take an “Ad Mag” and look for places in there… So my friend Rachana and I got a copy and started going through it meticulously… Our joys knew no bounds… I mean the ads went something like this…

A Single Hall With A Kitchen And Attach Bathroom Very Near Marble Flooring, Very very secure, Very Bright Ventilation Good Breeze, Total Privacy, Plenty Of Water, On The Top Floor Suitable For A Foreign Couple And A Single Batchelor Close From The Ring Road, All Amenities. Contact 9999999999

There were plentyyyyy of ads like this one… we started markin them all… Now, gettin a house seemed like not-such-a-big-deal.. and we decided to call contact numbers given for the places we liked… That was a turning point in our lives… 😦 We were enlightened to say the least! 😦 Now, a point to be noted here… Murphy’s laws take a new turn when it comes to searchin for a house. I call it “Nova’s Laws of house hunting” – dedicated to dear old Murphy! It goes something like this.

  • Every house that is good, is ALWAYS already taken
  • A house that remains for poor ol’ us, is STRICTLY NOT for bachelors (Only Families allowed… hmmppfff)
  • Every other house in the list, makes u want to apply for a better job with a better pay, coz with ur current salary, either u cant afford it or all u will have is a house… u may as well learn to start eating the wild grass that grows in the lawn!

So, for all those who still looking for a place to stay in Bangalore, Good luck! U will need all of it, my friend! And someone please pray for me… I am STILL looking for a place 😦