How many of us actually understand the meaning of freedom!? Does freedom mean doing what we want without being able to answer anyone? When I say anyone… does that include our own selves!?

I have seen people in my life, who run from people, things… from a lot of things in fact. I have also seen people, who get close by choice and then start feeling claustrophobic, in the presence of their best friends… can their behavior be defined!? Now, what does being free actually mean!? Every time you get close to someone, u get a feeling that they are trying to tie you down. Who ties down whom!? The beauty of the relationship (could be friendship, or marriage) lies in the fact that it acts as an anchor. The anchor never ties the ship down when it is sailing. It does so, when the ship has sailed and wants to return to the shore.

All of us are like ships. We would like to sail in the faraway seas… tread unseen terrains… but in the end of the day, we want to come back to our home – with someone waiting for us. Now, do people call this claustrophobia!? Do people call this tying the m back!? True love or friendship never ever ties down anyone… It gives u the freedom to explore the entire world and yet makes you want to come back at the end of it…