In love 

Of all the most commonly (mis)used phrases like “Thank you”, “I am sorry”, and the likes, “I love you” according to me tops the list…

  • I cant see her talking to that guy
  • It aches my heart to see him happy with someone else
  • I like talking to her but when I meet her…
  • I want to hurt you badly, for causing me all this pain
  • One fine day I get up and I love this guy, the next morning, I feel nothing
  • If you leave me, I will die
  • I love her but I cant see a future with her
  • If he loves me truly, he will leave his family and come after me

How many times have we heard our friends say this!? Or how many times have we gone to our friends cribbing about this!? I would like to state here that all of those people, who have said any of those things while in love, are actually kidding themselves… A lot of times we think we are in love… but actually we are not! We r all governed by a thought or an image of what love should be and most of our activities are guided with that.

It is really very very easy to say those golden words “I love you!” But actually very difficult to know the meaning of what you are saying and the insinuations thereafter!! 🙂