No, this time it isnt about me back from a blogging recluse.. This time it has more to do with me back in form. For TT!!! 🙂


Yap… Despite my dad being a TT Champ, I was content with being a below-average Table Tennis player… In my earlier office, we used to play TT quite often and that is when I took liking to the game. But, nonetheless, I wasnt good… I was not bad, but not good either 🙂

Yesterday got a chance to play TT after a longggggggg hiatus… But, I was in for a surprise.. Despite not having touched the TT bat for over a year, I played reasonably well… In fact better than any game I had ever played…

The result: I won 5 out out of 6 games I played… 🙂 [Not bad for a come-back I say 😉 ]

Looking forward to more games in the evening today 🙂