Sometimes our thoughts just before we sleep, govern how well we sleep that night… And I am all the more convinced of this now.

Last night, was reading Lajja, the critically acclaimed book by Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi writer… just before I fell asleep. As good as the book seems to be, It was disturbing… very very disturbing… I would love to write more on the book, but I want to reserve it till the time I finish the book and m ready to write a review.

But, ya, all said and done, the book was extremely disturbing… And I have this habit of visualising everything I read, which made it all the more gruesome… The result: I couldn sleep well last night… I remember waking up everynow and then, terrified and scared!

Lesson: Always make sure, ur mind is surrounded by happy thoughts before you go to sleep… It has a more everlasting impact, than u think it does…