Year: 1960

The movie was made in 1960… ya thats way back… is considered one of the classics of Hindi Cinema, with some great acting and excellent songs… I happened to watch this movie at my bua’s place a couple of weeks ago… It took me an effort to sit through the entire movie… hey hold on! The movie isnt to be blamed for it… I am to be… afterall with the fast paced lives, who has the time to stand and stare??? 😦  I remember one scene in the movie where Waheeda is sleeping and Guru dutt stands next to her just looking at her… Thats all there is in the scene… He is supposed to have been silently admiring the beauty… And the scene went on for some 5-6 minutes… of staring… thats all!!! And I was getting increasingly restless thinking… oh God! U have looked enough… next scene please 😦

So, Finally… I sat through the movie… the movie was elegant, the lead actors (Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman) did a stupendous job… The music director All waheeda had to do throughout the movie was look exotic and she did so… Her flawless beauty was stunning… U could only gape and awe at her and mumble aloud “How can anyone be sooooo damn gorgeous” – Indeed Chaudhvin ka chaand 🙂


The story is very simple… Two best friends in love with a girl… However, due to sheer twist of fate, she gets married to one of them. The movie is basically a love triangle… and ends with the death of one of the friends… Not a great story… But some great performances on the part of Guru Dutt and Rehman…

Definitely a one time watch… A gem of a movie which aptly depicts India in the late fifties… Good fun to watch… with some amazing songs 🙂