hahahaha… ya thats quite an oxymoron.. after all, how often do we meet people, some of them even belonging to the category of “Friends” and can feel that they actually are happy with the way things are working out for u!?

A couple of days ago, after i joined work… a friend very sarcastically commented “Oh My God!!! U r an MBA now… so guess u wont have time for people like us!” I dint know whether to laugh or feel bad for this poor soul… I couldnt help but notice a similar change in the way some of my old friends have lately interacted with me… Its as if, they arent happy… In fact they would be happier if I were in a sorry, despicable state!!! Gawd!!! And u know whats worse!? They belong to the category of good people…!!

Why is it difficult??? To actually revel in someone else’s success… to actually be happy for someone who is doing so good in his/her life?? Is it really sooo difficult???? What has human kind come to??? I mean what would be the fate of a society where-in people were incapable of feeling good for another!!! Where people would be happier if u were all morose and crying all the time…

Is it healthy??

I dont think so…