Year: 2007

Watched this movie recently… Was late again this time… But, I wasnt disappointed… Anurag Basu has scored yet again after Gangster.

The movie is about life of 5 couples staying in Mumbai… How their lives change and kinda hints at the frivolous nature of the lives people live in Metro cities these days. Hectic work schedules, surmounting pressures, the rat race, the passion to make short-cut money and achieve success at all costs… All these lead human beings into doing something, which they know they shouldnt. But, still they do. Their conscience hits them sometimes… But, the shrieks of the desires are so loud, they shut the conscience down somewhere….

Couple of instances in the movie suggest this – The time when Kay Kay Menon (Ranjeet) is taking Kangana Ranaut(Neha) to sleep with him… There is a clear dilemma in his mind… Thats when he explains to himself that a person has the right to be happy… and thats what he is doing! Doesnt such a conversation remind u of something – The way we explain to ourselves situations everytime we want to do something we know it wrong! Then again, there is a scene where Neha is sitting near her balcony, sad and depressed… because she knows that this is not what she had wanted from her life!

People commit mistakes and then they commit some more… When reminded of the mistakes, they tend to get onto the blame-game thing and get defensive! This is how Ranjeet reacts when confronted by his wife Shilpa Shetty (Shikha)… Shikha’s character is strong… though obviously attracted to a good looking young man, played by Shiney Ahuja (Akash), she knows her priorities well and knows where to draw the line!

According to me, the best couple was that of Nafisa Ali (Shivani) and Dharmendra (Amol). Acc to the plot, Amol and shivani love each other. But, he leaves her and goes away. Just like any dutiful daughter would do, she gets married to someone else, has kids and lives her life. In the present scenario, she is a widow staying in an old age home, with kids living abroad. Thats when Amol returns into her life. He is now an old man and is suffering from a terminal disease. He has the wish of spending his last days with her. People all around condemn them. But, they know what they want. As fate would have it, Shivani collapses in his arms. After this, Amol says something which is very very touching.

He says “The last few days I spent with her, were amazingly wonderful. I could have married her and made my whole life wonderful. But, I dint. I was running after something… and that search never got over. I listened to my mind, when i should have listened to my heart.”

Irrfan Khan is impeccable in the role of a comic guy… His sense of timing is so damn good… Makes u laugh till it starts hurting… Konkona is good. But Shilpa shetty steals the still19.jpgShilpa1show – completely… She is looking scorchingly gorgeous – sizzling hot would be the word. There is a scene where she wears a pink saree… She can give Sushmita Sen of Main Hoon Na, a complex with that one! And her costumes simply take your breath away! I do not know who the designer is. But, the skirts and kurtis she has worn adorn her beauty even more. Damn, this woman can ooze sex appeal even fully clothed!

All in all, Anurag Basu delivers another blockbuster…  Great songs… Great plot… Great performances… Life in A… Metro has everything that would qualify it as a complete entertainment package!