It was like one of those forward e-mails, ignored it initially… Who likes to spend time thinking random facts about oneself… 😐 But, then thanks to Anshul and Srini, who tagged me, decided to give it a shot…. I was like “What the heck… lets give it a try”


  1. My parents are the most important people in my life – more important than myself. 
  2. I started dancing because of Madhuri Dixit. And I mostly prefer dancing to her numbers.
  3. It doesnt take me long to get interested in some-thing/one, the challenge here is to sustain it 😉
  4. I am the kind of person, who likes to try her hand in everything creative. Be it dance, drama, singing, instrumental, stitching, painting, sketching or even embroidery 🙂
  5. I hate being alone, most of the times that is.
  6. I have a flair for catching up new languages fast.
  7. I love to laugh and ya my laughter drives people crazy – They soon lose their ability to listen to normal human beings 😉
  8. M a BIGGGGGGGGGG movie buff – can watch almost anything and everything – n ya love discussing them
  9. I think Lata is God’s gift to mankind – Adore her!

Whew! Thats it for now… And now, I am gonna tag some of u guys… Try it out… Its fun 😀

Ok, waiting to see u guys write about urself… Jana, Vatsa, Pu, Nishit, KrupaManik, Gaurav, Manan, Nitin, Cheeni, Roopa, ParagSuseen, Mahesh