My sister and I were having a chat last evenin, when she confessed that “I get bored a lot these days!” – she is one of those people, who can never sit idle. And ever since I have known her (which is a lot… considering that we grew up together)… I have always admired the tenacity with which she can maintain all her friendships. I still remember those days, when we were in school, and even before she would reach home from school, our phone would start ringing..

So, it came as a shocker to me. I tried to probe it a little further. And the problem was pretty clear! Almost all her friends, who were supposedly best friends, no longer have time for her… why, u ask!? Ya, simply coz, they have found themselves girl-friend or boy-friend… A clear case of skewed priorities!!

And whats worse is that in the initial stages, couples tend to get very clingy and God save them, if they r the clingy types! So, they r together 24/7… And have time for u only when they have fought with their respective mates and r looking for a shoulder to cry on! Aaaah! So much for the golden word “Friendship”!

I just looked at her. And had nothing to say. I know how it is. And the worst part is, only the best friends know when there is a change in the way u behave, after the entry of the “special” person in your life. No one else will! For others, u will always be the same! Such a lucid change in priorities, hurts! It does!

But, I would say… this has more to do with the maturity of both the people involved in the relationship. If they understand each other’s need for space and need for time for their own friends, these issues would never crop up! U dont need to be with each other 24/7 to prove ur love for each other… But, alas! Did someone say “love is blind!”? hmmm.. maybe it is….