Hand shake

These are the guys you visit everyday – virtually that is… your day doesnt finish without reading what they have to write about. U may have never seen them, heard them or spoken to them… but, you know them quite well… 🙂

Ya, such is the fascinating world of blogging! It brings together people with similar or sometimes even contrasting thoughts! 😀

Now, is the time to actually meet these people in flesh and blood… Bangalore bloggers are planning a meet on 21st July 2007. Anybody interested in taking part or helping in organizing the meet, edit the exclusive wiki setup for the meet and add yourselves.

This meet is a prelude to the Bangalore BarCamp 4 (or BCB4 as it is affectionately called) to be held on 28th and 29th of July at IIM Bangalore. Please visit the BarCamp Bangalore Page to register yourself for the meet. And also visit the Bloggers Collective of the BarCamp as well.

Date: July 21

Venue: BrewHaHa
           Near Jyoti Nivas College,

So, Bangalorean blogging junta!!

C u there 🙂

[PS Thanks to Shri for sending me an invite]