The theme: Bollywood songs

The singers in the order were:

Abhishek Kumar: Dus Bahane kar ke le gaye dil

The guy is otherwise good with Kishore kumar songs… But, when he sang this song, he was confident but yeah Besura… And according to Shabana, Josh me thodi kami thi

Smitha Adhikari: Salam-e-ishq meri jaan zara qubool kar lo

She is an ok-ok singer… Supposedly ugly-looking… She just underwent a make-over… to get that extra punch required to be an Indian Idol… The song she sang is my all-time favorite and a legend in itself… But, she did not do a good job of it. Her singing was bland. Needed more punch! I dont understand, all the judges thought she was excellent! 😐

Charu Semwal: Mujhe mast mahaul me jeene de

The most stylish of all the participants. I thought she tried her best to get the punch required. But, she was grossly inadequate. All glitz and glamour AND No substance – is what defines Charu. The whole song was flat. But, as usual Udit Narayan said “Totality me bahut kamaal kiya” 😛 I thought the way Annu Malek winked was very vulgar!

Parleen: Manzil pyar hamara… main hun saahil, tum ho kinara

Rupal thinks he looks like a girl 😉 😛 I think he is ok. Wont become Indian Idol for sure, unless ofc the junta goes crazy. I thought he was a little besura at times. Anu Malek rated him the weakest of all the contestants. Alisha thinks he is good sometimes and really bad at others. Even Udit was disappointed! (now thats new 😉

Pooja: Tujhe yaad na meri aayi kisi se ab kya kehna

Her voice had the required pain, even though Shabana thought she had the lack of pain. It was difficult to not get moved. Her voice was great. In short, one of the strong contenders.

Prashant: Adaa aaye haaye adaa

He is just toooooooo good. Absolutely flawless. Period. Definitely one of the strong contenders.

Ankita: Chamma chamma

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE. The girl ROCKS!!! Her attitude talks. And she is so good, her performance ROCKS! Shabana said “Ankita, u were superb. Great performance and Great singing.” All of them fell for her. So, did I! M voting for her.

Meiyang Chang: Woh ladki hai kahan!?

Ok I Love him! 😀 That makes him good, doesnt it!? He simply isnt good.. he is fab! The dentist Indian Idol aspirant is the hot favorite of all… 🙂 M voting for him.

Emon: Khai ke paan banaras wala

The guy looks and sings like Sonu Nigam. He is such a sweetheart… everyone’s sweetie pie 🙂 Even the junta likes him. My votes goes for him too… 🙂 🙂

Deepali: Mera piya ghar aaya

One of her best performances ever! She ROCKED! I think i have misused the phrase way too often now. But cant help it! 🙂 She gyrated and dazzled, reminded me of Madhuri and THAT i think is a compliment enough 😉

So, who r u voting for? 😉