Yes sir! The movie make of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the fattesssttttttt Harry Potter book so far) hits the Indian theatres today! 🙂

All the Indian Harry Potter fans have been waiting for this day for like ages now!

I still remember the day when Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released in India, Avani, Ami, My sister and I had gone to see the First day first show!!! The four of us being ardent Harry Potter fans… were all excited about the movie – After all Sirius Black was being introduced… we are all charged up! 🙂

And Boy! What a disaster it was… I remember, the four of us cribbing throughout the movie… We were like “Where the hell is Firebolt?”… “Why is Sirius not that bloody-hell-good-looking types the way he is supposed to be in the book?”… And a tons of other questions… Being ardent fans, we had ensured, we knew every part of the book before we went to watch the movie and WHAT a disaster!!

Now, this time around, with Ami in Ahmedabad and Avani in US, we wud be seeing HP 5 at different times… The rave reviews the 5th movie got, got me all excited and I was actually looking forward to the movie… when Avani scrapped saying, it wasnt all that good.. and she really dint like it that much! 😐


Now, m waitin for Ami’s verdict on the movie… My sister and I will watch it soon…But, this time we ensured, that we dint refresh the memories of the book just before the movie… there is no way, movie can match charm of the book… It only ruins whatever little fun v may have otherwise…!

A review of the movie coming up soon 🙂