Year: 2007

The BEST movie of Harry Potter series ever made!!! PERIOD!!

Considering that the fifth book of the 6 Harry Potter books released till now, was the fattest amongst all. I used to always wonder, specially after seeing my favorite book and the worst HP movie ever made – The prisoner of Azkaban, what wud be the fate of such a fat book. Wud the director be able to do justice to the emotions carried throughout the book. I was extremely sceptical.

And being an ardent Harry Potter fan, I was, in fact, ready to rip apart the movie in case it din meet my expectations. And guess what!? I found myself cheering and clapping and hooting in the hall! 🙂

And the entire credit goes to the director David Yates. Brilliant Job! He knew exactly how to show the right emotions at the right time. And ofcourse Michael Goldenberg, who did the screen play… he ensured he picked all the high points of the story and hence, it dint matter if some of the relatively trivial scenes were chopped off (which was obvious, considering the mammoth size of the book)!


I would say the entire movie is made of moments… High points, which have been captured beautifully…. According to me, some of the high points of the movie were:

  • The Order of the phoenix members rescuing Harry… The sequence is shot so well… the way they fly over Thames (thats my assumption) looks exotic!

  • The trial of Harry in the Ministry of Magic for using the Patronus charm on the dementors.

  • The torture of Dolorous Umbridge. When Harry is given all those detentions, ur heart goes out to him.

  • The first meeting of “Dumbledore’s Army

  • The way they discover the “Requirements room” and start their practices there

  • Dumbledore avoiding Harry throughout the movie

  • The escape of Fred and George Weasley from Hogwarts

  • The way Dumbledore escapes

  • Sirius‘ death in the end

  • The fight sequence between Dumbledore and Voldemort – sheer display of power!!!

However, the only low points were the Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, and the must talked about chemistry between Cho and Harry. I thought Cho wasnt as beautiful as depicted in the books. She was very ordinary looking. Also, the apparent chemistry between Ron and Hermione could have been elaborated a bit more.

The surprise package of the entire movie I wud say was the character of Dolorous Umbridge. The way actress Imelda Staunton enacted the role was nothing short of brilliant! The way she does “ee-hee” everytime she wants to interrupt someone was ingenious… The actress did complete justice to the character… She was fantastic. I also loved Luna Lovegood played by Evanna Lynch

All said and done, An Excellent movie to watch out for… Specially a must see for all Harry Potter fans! 😀

[PS Found a good article in wikipedia which compares the book and the movie. An interesting read for all those who have read the book and seen the movie – Strong recommendation – Do NOT read this article before watching the movie. It may act as a spoiler]