A beautiful thought… by a beautiful friend!

Somehow, I find girls very strong emotionally and also capable of taking care of a lot of things simultaneously. But, they are basically simple human beings! They understand things better in Black and white. We women need not necessarily be ok with black. But, if things are black, then black it is. No further discussion or thoughts on it. We are ok with it.

It irritates us and puts us off, when guys get too confusing or confused… and it could be because of anything. We like things clear. We like them simple. Clear, open, frank words touch us a lot more than mushy little cute but ingenuine ones.

U may not always get what u want in life. The point here is that u should, at all times, know exactly what the status quo is! If white, then good enough. But, if things do not seem white, make them black. But, give them a proper colour. Do not keep them dangling in the grey area for too long.