Did not wake up on time.. so couldnt go to grab a copy! My copy, I pre-ordered for my sweet little sis… So, she is reading currently…

There are spoilers all over the internet, so i cant freely surf the net in case i end up with a spoiler. Went to landmark, was stunned by the celebrations of the HP 7 release… There were owls and Brooms throughout the store. It was Euphoric!!! 😀

I felt jubiliant when i saw the HP calendar. Thats on my wish list now 🙂

I even bought an HP 7 copy for my roomie. So, even she is reading now! I will have to wait till stores open tomorrow. Dont wanna buy another copy as it makes no sense! And I m determined to not read the electronic copy. So there I go!!!!

I will have to wait until tomorrow before i go to Crossword and read the book there!!

Damn it! There are supposedly lots of deaths in the seventh book. And I m going crazy thinking who it may be!!! 😦