You can call it “Tit for tat” ya “Jaise karni waisi bharni”… But, I m a strong believer of the concept. Absolutely. It has reiterated itself in more than one way… And this is what makes me believe it all the more!

While growing up, whenever I would see a daughter-in-law misbehave with her mother-in-law, I would run to my mother and ask her, why was this woman behaving like this? My mom would beautifully reply “Beta, all of us go through our life the way we are meant to be. Sometimes we do things, we wouldnt do otherwise. But its our karma that makes us do what we do. And this lady in this case, would see the result of it when her daughter-in-law treats her this way”. It sounded like a very succinct explanation for all that was happening around.

It made a lot of sense. And as it turned out later on, it did come true! So, everytime we are alone in a room and feel this urge to steal something, when no ones looking! Or, try to copy in the exam with the supervisor not seeing! We forget one small thing – NO ONE may see us doing all those things, but they definitely keep getting added to our karma! And there is nothing denying the fact that we pay for all that we do (good or bad) – if not in this janma then maybe some other!

So, it may sound preachy. But think about it. And this may probably help u take the right decision most of the times and even help chose the right path!