The themes of the round was romance… Which means our participants were oozing romance 😉

Emon Is pyaar ko main kya naam dun

He was Fantabulous!!!! Period

Puja Sajnaaa aa bhi ja

She was ok… Not good… not bad

Dipali –  Tere bina jiya jaaye na (courtesy: Rohit Swain) 

She was good…. but Anu Malek felt her voice lacked romance. Hmmmpffff… well what do u say to that!?

Chang Chehra hai ya chaand khila

Oh My God! My favoritttteeeeeee song… I dont think any girl ever can resist the charm carried by the song. And if that is sung by the oh-so-utterly-delicious Chang… well… all girls will be seen going gaga… He was great! The only thing i dint understand was why he was wearing a PINK blazer 😦

Ankita Sooraj hua maddham

She was good… Not stupendous, but good enough 🙂 The song was so different from her usual forte… Her dress again was … umm… weird…

Prashant Yeh hawayein gungunayein

One of my fav songs from Parineeta. But, there are better romantic songs in Hindi movies than this one…. Acha gaya… par kamaal nahi tha

Amit Paul Pehla Nasha

In front of Udit Narayan, he sang his own song. And did it with such flamboyance. Everyone was dumb struck! What feelings man! 😀 Hats off this to this guy! The song anyways has the ability to drift u off to another world. And Amit did complete justice to it 🙂 Anu Malek said “Amit Paul, u have become Indian Idol according to me”

Parleen Mere khayalon ki mallika

The song is amazing… but somehow his voice did not suit the song….

Abhishek Roop tera mastana

He was ok…. not fabulous! He sang with a fervour which was nothing short of “Classic”… It was difficult to make this song “not boring”, but he did… 🙂