I have heard my parents say about “Marriages being made in heaven”! I always wondered if that was true anyways! And if it still holds true in the world of today! The faith was extremely strong when I was younger, having seen a lot of arranged-but-immensely successul marriages around me. They seemed like bliss!

The faith started crumbling as I grew older. Relationships were slowly losing their sanctity. The foundations were crumbling… A perfectly happy looking couple could actually be facing a lot of problems with-in (which the entire world is unaware of) … and suddenly there is a thunderstorm which takes away everything… That is when they turn bitter enemies and swear never to see each other! This is the worst case… If this doesnt happen, then due to family pressures, they may continue to stay together but thats worse than separating…!

All this makes you wonder if marriages are meant to last!? If they are made in heaven!? If two people who come together to spend their lives together, know what they are getting into!? On more than one occasion, we see parents having rigid opinions on the kind of girl/boy they want for their kids.. Isnt the priority right now to ensure that we get married to the right people?

With the entire institution of marriage coming under microscope, one needs to be careful. At the same, think from the heart and leave aside brain for a while!