Well… all the MBAs out there and students of Organisational Behavior, would be aware of Maslows Hierarchy of needs. For the rest, check this out.

Basically, our needs form a pyramid with the bottom most being the most important or rather the basic ones. As u got higher up the pyramid, the quality of needs increases. Our purpose of living is not merely survival, animals do that. We live because we want to achieve some things – be it material, spiritual, emotional, blah blah…

To cut a long story short, until basic material needs are met, higher needs such as emotional or spiritual needs will not be fulfilled ala Prof Venkat Krishnan.

So, I m going to be forming a wishlist. Nope, its not emotional or spiritual in content. There is still a long way to go before i manage those. What i m going to mention here are purely material needs – and nope, they arent basic, quite the opposite of that, in fact 😉

Since the list is going to be quiteeeeeeeeeeee longgggggggg!!! I have decided to form a category of “My wishlist” and will keep adding on to it as and when required.