1. Have a cigarette while plugged into an ECG machine and see the effect of smoking on your heart. Remember that and you will definitely quit smoking.

2. Don’t feel you are giving up. Think you are improving your life. Nobody likes to give up anything.

3. Having friends who do not smoke really helps.

4. This one’s a cool psychological trick: every time you crave a smoke, it means the body is healing from the nicotine. The longing is because it is leaving the system-it is like a scab forming over a wound. Instead of giving in, focus and enjoy the agony of quitting as a healing process.

5. Lung cancer and impotence are some of the things you can look forward to lf you don’t stop smoking.

6. If you smoke, bad breath is one reason women would not enjoy kissing you.

7. Focus on the positive things of not smoking which are countless – looking better, living better, and being fitter.

8. It is an expensive habit. Why waste the money?

9. Smokers add to the pollution around.

10. Heart disease certainly shakes hands with smoking.

[Courtesy: Saif Ali Khan’s interview who quit smoking!]