Personal hell

For a long time now, I was thinking of writing on this topic! Personal hell, here, necessarily means the hell that we create for ourselves. Most of the times, we can rationally reason and understand why a particular thing should not be done. But, if we end up doing it invariably due to any damn reason – THAT, my friend, is Personal Hell.

A lot of people have various ways of dealing with it. Some just accept personal hell as a reality and learn to live with it normally. Some go in a shell until they have mastered the art of dealing with such idiosyncracies.

Personal hell almost always ends up harming u as a person. It usually doesnt inflict any damage on people around you. The question that always comes to my mind is: Is it possible to be sane and yet have a personal hell? Is it possible to inflict as less damage or better, no damage at all on your soul while dealing with the personal hell!? What do you do when you are governed with this hell!? You know tht the reasoning will not help… What do you do then!?

I wish i had answers to these questions!!! I am not expecting you to answer them either! In fact, now that I think about it, I do not know if this post made any sense to anyone at all… Its just gibberish maybe!