Drawing the line

LOL! I am in a realllyyyyy dangerous mood, so kindly bear with me 😉

Every relationship has its own sanctity, be it the relationship of mother-daughter, father-son, sister-brother, uncle-niece, grandmom-granddaughter, between two friends, two lovers – Any kind of relationship between two human beings!

It is upon us to maintain the sanctity or purity of each relationship – It is very easy to get carried away! Both by over-doing or under-doing things, you may be facing a serious relationship problem! I am sure all of us have found ourselves on both the ends of the spectrum!

If you really like the other person, you may tend to go overboard sometimes and end up feeling stupid! On the other extreme, if you r not very fond of the other person, you may end up neglecting even the basic courtesies! Hence, it is extremely important to maintain the balance! – It is extremely crucial to understand where to draw the line!

Let us take for an example, that you are in love with this person who means the world to you. In all probabilities, you will go that extra mile to make this person feel special and good. What is important here is to understand that if the other person doesnt share the intensity of feelings towards you, the gesture, in all probabilities, will not be appreciated. In short, you will end up feeling dejected and stupid. Not that, what u do has a motive. It is just that, you would like the other person to at least acknowledge the effort you are putting in. Hence, to save yourself from any such embarrassments and avoid any messy scenes, it would be great if you decide for yourself, the boundary in which the relationship operates! Only then, can u successfully scrape through it.

Do not burden people unnecessarily with affection, they dont want or cant appreciate! Rather, know when to move out when politely being asked to buzz off! Learn to understand the hints – that you are NOT wanted at a particular place. And take these hints seriously – U owe this much to yourself 🙂

On the other extreme, there are times we ignore people – ignore their gestures and good deeds, simply because they dont matter to us much! We dont realise then, that we are doing to people what we have been done unto and we forget how much we hated it.

Is this human nature!? We so easily forget things we hated and start doing them ourselves!?