Year: 2003

Movies like Baghban, can only be made in India. And it is all the more relevant in the context of Indian societal norms. The movie, released in 2003, by director Ravi Chopra, had in their 60’s stars Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini, playing a pivotal role!

The movie is all about relationships and when I said it was based on Indian context, what i meant was… In which other culture would u have a father spend all his earnings on bringing up his children and catering to their whims and fancies and not keep a penny for himself? In which other culture can u have parents going hungry for days to come in order to be able to feed their children!? In which other culture, can you have mothers holding the entire family together by bringing the father and the children always together despite their mutual differences?

The kind of importance, we Indians, give to the society figure called Family is incomparable. Families are more important than any other thing and certainly more important than self.

Well… as they say, It happens only in India 🙂

Now, the tag line of the movie goes “Can you depend on your family?” The story revolves around a doting couple whose children turn out to be uncaring towards them, when they grow old and need them the most.

Apart from the excellent screenplay and direction, what enthralled me in the movie was a lesson:

Sometimes strangers end up doing for you, what even the closest ones would shy away from doing.

The concept of Apne-Paraye which we hold so close to our hearts is fundamentally flawed. We invariably end up trusting people close to us, only to be ditched by them in the end. And most of the times, we are warmed by a stranger, we were looking at suspiciously..!!!

Strange creatures human beings are, Are they not!???