The theme was folk songs.

EmonTere naam se jee lun

As usual, his voice resonated into everyone’s heart. He was brilliant. All the judges were all praises for him. Ila Arun felt that he should have felt the song more. Anu Malek felt it was complete singing.

Prashant Fir zarra zarra meheka, Rind posh maal

I thought he was flawless. People had complaints from his pronounciations. But, I thought his Urdu words came out beautifully. The judges were all praises for him. Other than Anu Malek, who did a bit of drama to finally accept he was rocking!

Dipali Nimbooda

I thought, first of all, the song is not worth singing. It is an excellent song to dance on, but not to sing on. Which even Dipali couldnt handle. All the judges however felt that she was outstanding (D-HUH!)

Abhishek Rang De Basanti

He was total BESURA! Period! Nothing more to be said to that!

Puja Ni main samajh gayi

Her song was shrieky while singing high notes of this song. People cried when she sung – Sniff!! What do i say to that!? 😦

Amit Paul Omkara title song

Is something wrong with my ears, or did I feel that even Amit was besura. Hmmpffff!!! I do not understand, how Javed Akhtar was khoya hua in his awaaz! Thank God, for Ila who thought that his voice did not suit the songs. 😐

Ankita Dil walon ke dil ka karaar lootane

She looked gorgeous! She was sizzling hot! Amazing performance, but ya did get besuri sometimes… But, thats ok I guess 😉 She rocked 🙂

Chang Rut aa gayi re

I thought he went a little flat on high notes. Beautiful song. He did a good job. Definitely a great unusal voice. Even the judges couldnt help but be charmed!

The decision is in ur hands. M voting for Ankita. U?