I have written on this topic before while reviewing movies. After writing about Baghban, i decided it was time this topic deserves an exclusive post.

All those have seen Baghban, will agree with me when I say, that at least once, after watching the movie, they will reflect upon their lives and wonder how they treated their parents till now. The movie is a sure-shot soul-stirrer. And may even turn a few souls into realising their faults.

Whatever we may say, or claim, we CAN NOT deny the power of cinematic media. The amount of influence movies have, over not only young kids, teens, adoloscents, but also the mature adult population, can, in no certain terms, be denied.

We hear stories about young kids trying to imitate their favorite stars like Shahrukh, Hrithik, and the rest. And you cant blame them! They are bound to be in awe of the larger-than-life roles that our heroes portray!

But, along with this fascination comes HUGE responsibilities towards our society, that some film-makers do not realise! I am glad, some like Ravi chopra, do! But, the proportion is still extremely unbalanced in their favour. Most of the film-makers are only and ONLY concerned with the moolah they rake in by making sense-less, and sometimes obscene movies. Why, did u ask!? Because thats what sells, my friend!

Those who dare to make such off-beat, realistic cinema like RGV or Madhur Bhandarkar, or feel-good morality-supprting movies like The Barjatya clan, they are hardly worried about the outcome! They are not scared of experimenting with new concepts and ideas, but at the same time, their heart is in the right place and they know what would be good for the audience.

I know some of u will say, audience is mature enough to make their own decisions. I would partially agree with you. But, at the same time, expecting so much maturity from the billion-odd junta who revere their heroes, is asking for too much!