It was by sheer co-incidence that I stumbled upon this movie called Fashionable Wife, released way back in 1938 and casting Nasir Hussain.

The plot is indeed interesting.

Natwar is a young man who lives in a city in India. He is of modern views, and would like to marry a cultured and modern wife. And does so, much to the chargin of his mother. Natwar had hoped that his new wife would also take care of the homefront, but all she is interested is in fashion, kitty parties, and women’s rights’ issues. Natwar must now decide how far this can go along, whether his decision to marry a modern wife was mistake, and if so, how does he go about rectifying this mistake.

If anyone gets hold of this CD, please let me know! It would be nice fun watching a movie made almost 70 years ago! 🙂

[PS Did i forget to mention that it is a Hindi movie we talking about here 🙂 ]