Naya Daur

Year: 1957

Released way back in 1957, Naya Daur was directed by BR Chopra. The movie was a huge hit then, with the evergreen Dilip Kumar, Vijayantimala and the energetic Ajit.

The movie very cleverly brings about the aspect of machines replacing humans and rendering them jobless. The treatment of the subject was fantastic. It brought about the emotions and the plight of the people who suffered due to the industrial revolution.

One of the senior characters, Nasir Hussain, towards the end comments “Machines were made by man. They can not rule man. Man and machines when join hands together, they can cause revolutions!”

A very relevant topic, specially in those times when machines had just begun to envelope the entire society. But, the technology revolution has only one way – UP! Things will only improve and there will always be a dichotomy in the relation between humans and machines!!

Do watch it out – Its indeed a classic!