Home sweeet home

Had not been keeping well for quite sometime now… Kabhi yeh to kabhi woh… In short, tabiyat zara nasaaz thi kaafi din se (A stylish urdu way of sayin that I wasnt well for quite some time)

This was when it was decided that I should pack my bags and head home, to my loving parents and adorable sis! And I did not even blink before considering the option! I was quite sure, that one trip home would rid me of all ailments! 😀

So, took permission from office, booked the flight tickets and headed straight towards home! As the lift opened, so did my house door – mums have this instinct (Heavens knows how!!) I hugged mum tightly… and felt a pleasure that cant be described! Closed my eyes, and felt the familiar fragrance, the freshness of the air, of the place I had spent all my life… The euphoria of being at home dawned on me slowly… And that was overcome by the ummm-so-tempting smell of mum’s cooking… Even while on flight, I was dreaming of what would be there for lunch! And just as I had expected, it was my favorite dish Palak Paneer.

After a lotttttttttttt of chit-chats, and a sumptous meal (I hogged like I hadnt eaten in ages!! 😛 ), after a long time, I felt like having a siesta! I had not felt soooooo relaxed in a longggggg time now!! I hit my bed, which had remained like I had left it… And the familiar feeling of the room, MY room and the house, soon drifted me off to sleep like a baby!

The biggest 5-star hotel in the world, will fail to give u the simple pleasures your home provides. It is a feeling that is best left undescribed!

Adios 🙂