My ramblings 

Those who know me and have been reading my blogs for a long time now, will help identify with the fact that I should have rather named my blog “Ramblings of an unsettled mind”

I read my blogs back today. They are Angry. Dejected. Anguished. Perplexed. Morose.

You do not use these words to describe the mind of a person who someday wants to bring about a change in the world. These are not the words you use to describe a go-getter! And yet, here I am…

Happiness eludes me… Most of the times… I have everything that a normal human being needs to be happy – Great family. Great friends. Good job. Good salary. Excellent roomies. A great place to live in. And yet… there are times when I am sad – indescribably sad. I do not know the origin, nor the cause.

I do want to bring about a change though, which is when I divert my mind to more frivolous yet effective things like movies, music, and so on…