Ok, not that my birthday is coming… but a rather hilarious thought came to my head and I decided to share it with you all… So, here is my list of DOs and DONTs just before your birthday…


  • Plan in advance, say 3-4 months – prepare a wish list of the SMART itemsBalloons

  • Prioritize these on a need basis

  • Make a list of friends who will remember ur bday (Most important) and who, u know, will plan to get u something on your birthday for sure.

  • Start the allocation… which gift you would like to receive from which friend – the criteria must be chosen by you and only you!!

  • Now, comes the strategy part – When to drop the hint to your friend that this particular thing you have been waitin for, for ages now! Try a more subtle approach and not on-your-face types!!

  • If all goes well, you should be having a nice set of all the things u wanted, in ur shelf on your birthday 😉


  • Do not talk about the same gift to more than one friend. Imagine getting your favorite CD from 2 different friends. Now, that is such a waste of time and resource. You cant afford to do that mistake.

  • It is very important to time your hints. They cant be toooo early (i mean u can possibly expect him to link ur liking towards something to ur bday which is till 2 months away) and you cant be telling him today that u would like something tomorrow. Lets be practical. Give him 10-15 days to ponder over it! 😉

So, there you go… Now, trust me it aint as bad as it sounds… You afterall doing a favour to your friends by telling them what u exactly want, rather than those poor souls scratching their heads and wondering what to get u 😉

Njoi people 😀