Girls having fun!

What I am about to write may not exactly sound like fun to most of you! But what happened last night at our place was hillarious! Before I start the anecdote, I shall be calling my roomies A, B and C. The persons concerned may not like to reveal their identity…

It so happened that our house had not been properly cleaned in about 2 weeks. You can not really rely on the maid to do a decent job at cleaning, and sometimes we would get involved in a tiff with her and at other times, we would simply ignore her inefficiency at cleaning (A fight with the maid is not exactly anyones idea of perfect start of the day)! But that has kind of never stopped B from starting her day by howling at her. Not that it helped anyways! 😉

So, the situation was like A’s parents were visiting us, so we were hardly bothered by the regular house-hold activities, which were taken care of by A’s mum (God bless her!) Now after Uncle and Aunty left, we had to resume back our regular activities. And to make things worse, the maid did not come! B was kind of missing her… And everyone was cursing her for not coming… especially after seeing the pile of dirty utensils in the kitchen, there was nothing stopping the curses.

We were conspiring on how to handle her the next morning. She made our job a lot easier by simply not turning up. (Hmmmpfff) Now it was waayyyyy too much for all of us! But, we all had work to attend to. So, we left for work… A, meanwhile on the way, enquiring about a new maid and calling us all up to inform us of the good news. Anyways, deep in our hearts all of us knew the task that lay ahead after we reached home.

I was the first one to step into the house… well… I did the best I could not to wince at the state… Was quite hungry, but on stepping into the kitchen, all hunger was overcome by a deep loathing for the maid, who had so unfairly ditched us! Exasperated, I started washing the vessels! C then arrived… the look on her face kind of summed it all up. She was also tired and yet, the sight of the kitchen and room, boiling her blood. Now, came B… As soon as she stepped into the house, she looked at the two of us and exclaimed “Now, who is taking what!”

Now, the problem with us girls is that once we get onto the cleaning spree, its difficult to stop. So, we got onto the work. I resumed the task of washing utensils. B and C started sweeping and mopping the floor. And soon enough, we had started cleaning the kitchen, the rooms, the balconies, washing the clothes..

By the time we were done, only B was still ready to clean 3 more apartments, the rest ofA great fun together us were pooped. In fact, It was hilarious watching A and C soo damn tired… They were panting and it was a rather funny sight. Only B was the constant motivation… She was like “Hey lets do it.. come on! just a little more” I was laughing so hard during the last few moments watching A and C, that I was threatened to be thrown out of the now-sparkling clean house in case I dint shut up! 😉

After, that we had a niceeeeeeeeeeeee meal… we were all sooooooooooo tired, that the meagre food tasted like heaven! After finishing food, no one was in the state to clean the once-again dirty kitchen, but A who took up the task and finished it before sleeping.

All this may seem like no fun but trust me, nothing is more fun than working together with the people u love and admire! And thats the prime reason, y all of us so look forward to the time we will spend together in the evening 🙂