A and I were cribbing last night about the Bangalore traffic and the fact that we have to struggle with the rickshaw wallas every single day to get to work!

Buying a car is not our priority at the moment. So, we thought we were kinda stuck with the option of buying a kinetic or a scooty! Well. Ever since we were 18, we have driven these…. so really not that much fun!

Then the thought came –Β  y not try a bicycle! Our office is very close by – just about 2.5-3 kms… So, the distance is perfect for the bicycle. Not too close by (you may rather walk) and not too far off (that by the time u reach office, u r huffing and puffing and gasping for breath πŸ˜‰ )

Moreover, we also realise that 2 less vehicles on the Bangalore streets, would do Bangalore good πŸ˜‰

Also, we would be contributing that much less to the Bangalore pollution!

So, the deal is done! A and I are both getting a bicycle each this weekend! πŸ™‚