I sometimes wonder if melancholy is a state of mind? Or putting it differently, u chose to be melancholic, when u do. It really has nothing to do with whatever is happening to you! It is all in your head. Now, mind u, here I am not talking of people who just pose a happy-doey picture in front of the whole world, while they go through the grind alone. I am talking here of being genuinely undisturbed with whatever goes on in your life. Being able to take everything in your stride.

Krupa called me the other day from the US and she was absolutely fuming! The first thing she asked me was “What the hell is wrong with you!? Why are you doing this to yourself!!?”. I was flabbergasted at this retort. But I knew where it was heading. She had read my latest post and was forced to conclude that most of my writings were lachrymose or angry or dejected.

I told myself “Yeah! What she is saying is so true”. I have admitted it myself. I had written sometime back, that there are times when I am sad for reasons unknown. Those are the times I sit back and wonder, if it is worth it all? Staying away from family, trying to make a career and a living! I just wonder!

Krupa’s call was a wake-up call. Definitely. Since then there has been a marked change 🙂

I am not only trying to keep myself busy, but also doing things that make me happy… And hence, I conclude, melancholy is certainly in your head. Just like you can be sad without any reason, you can be extremely happy too for no reason! And I chose the latter 🙂

Krupiiiiii, this ones for u 🙂