Lovely Morning

Woke up at 6 AM today… Yap! Not kidding… That was the time… and I seriously cant recall when was the last time I got up soooo early 😀 All this was thanks to my maid coming so early! All those who know me, know my penchant for waking up as late as I can afford…. So, when A and C saw me sitting in the hall sipping tea at 8 (that was when they woke up), they were pleasantly surprised…. so much so that A took a lottttttttt of time in accepting the fact that I was up so early 😉

They were even more surprised to see the hall all clean and the breakfast duly made… 😉

But, I must tell you… this has been, undoubtedly, the bestttttt morning in a fortnight now… and if that wasnt enough… chatted with an old school friend after a longgggggg time and also found some really good old songs here for download… Songs like Mohe bhool gaye sanwariya, Diwana Mastana hua dil, Tere Karan Mere Sajan, Kaare Kaare Baadra, Kahin deep jale kahin dil 😀

Cant believe that, can you!?????? So couldnt I!!! 😀

So, in short a GREAT start!!!!!!!!! Hope the rest of the day goes on fine..

Have a Great day people!!!! 😀