Some of the best things in your life leave you speechless. You realise the importance silence has then… All of us have experienced times when we just ran out of words and went…Silent!!

Some of the moments could be:

  • The moment u left your home for the first time and you look back at your parents who have a mix of feelings – they are happy, yet anxious!

  • The moment when your crush looked at you and smiled. All you could do then, was smile back 🙂

  • The moment when you got better marks than expected… those numb moments of ecstasy n surprise thinking “Could it be true?”

  • The moment when you are parting with old friends not knowing when you will meet next

  • The moment when after an anxious wait, the HR calls u and tells u “You are through!”

  • The moment when a parent lifts his child in his arms for the first time. He doesnt know what to say. His own flesh and blood in form right in front of him 🙂

  • The moment when you see your loved one breath his last in front of your eyes

  • The moment when you are waiting with baited breath for the winning run in the India-Pak match.

  • The moment when one of your closest friends calls u from the US to tell you that one of your wishes will come true soon… Words were simply not enough… I just felt speechless then… Dint know how to thank her! Read here.. 😀

I have always wondered why we never say anything during those moments … as if it is was “understood”… Happiness. Joy. Pain…. all feelings just flowed ceaselessly in the ‘years’ that passed in those flash moments.

Next time u go silent, listen carefully to the hum of your heart!! 🙂