Twenty20 World Cup

It was a dream I was harboring ever since I saw the India-Pak match. It was a long call, but I was secretly hoping and dreaming that India would play Pakistan once more in the finals. And thanks to the Indian Cricket Twenty20 World cup team, my dream has come true!

It was just day before yesterday, when my eyes were glued to the television and my heart racing… Andrew Symonds and Matthew Hayden were going strong… I was losing all hope…But, then Sreesanth’s power-packed bowling was always something that could be backed on. Yet again, 4 overs would not help in saving India! After all, we were pitched up against Australia!

Symonds wicket was what brought back the life… After that the candle of hope started flickering again!!

Uske baad kya tha… India ne ek sec ke liye bhi disappoint nahi kiya!! Dil khush ho gaya India ki batting aur bowling dekh ke 🙂

Indian Team, Thanks for making my dream come true! 🙂