I thought I was smart when I decided to come to office early… so that I could leave early for the world cup Twenty20 finals between India and Pakistan… Oh Boy!!! Was I in for a surprise… I saw my boss lift his bag at 430.. and I smiled to myself.. Now I can aaram se leave 😉

The actual surprise awaited me outside.. I have been out for some work at this time and the roads would be more-or-less deserted with everyone busy working… But, the moment I stepped outside, I was caught in a frenzy of bikes and cars in my office complex… It seemed like it was 630-7 in the evening… I again smiled… knowing fully well that soon all Indians would be glued to their television… 😀

My surprise did not end there… I had some time with me, so I thought ill buy a couple of essentials before I reach my home… And to my utter shock and irritation, ALL the shops were closed… and despite the irritation, i again smiled 🙂 And a sense of elation washed over me!!!

I am a proud Indian and in this cricket frenzy nation, I too am a cricket-fanatic.

Now I am sitting comfortably in front of the television. Indians are gonna start the batting now.

God bless them! 🙂