Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The first thing Indian captain Dhoni said during presentation after India won the action packed India-Australia semis was “Before I start Ravi, yesterday I read an article on Cricinfo. It says according to you if we go with me, Aussies are the favourites. I think me and my boys proved you wrong and I think you are happier than us”… I was smiling… 🙂 And I thought to myself, here is one guy who knows how to touch the right nerve of the poeople!

A lot of people opposed the Control Board’s choice of Dhoni as the captain for ODIs. I was one of them. I thought Dhoni was way too young to take up the pressure that comes from being the captain of a cricket-frenzy nation. He proved me and all the others wrong with his tactful handling of all those who were against him. He did not go on a verbal altercation with them, nor a typical cold-war kind of an attitude. He made sure he got on their right side 🙂

His exuberant praise for Yuvraj and his unflappable faith in Yoginder Sharma, showed that this guy knows how to trust his team and praise them… This certainly motivates the team members to put in their best! Yuvraj is such an excellent player, but somehow Dravid never used him as much as he should have… With Dhoni by his side, Yuvraj is now doing wonders! 6 sixes in 6 balls, a small example of that! 🙂

Specially after Yuvi’s father Yograj Singh went on record saying that he was “hurt” that his son was not considered for captaincy, Dhoni has been specially careful with Yuvi, praising him at every possible chance… Now thats what I call a smart move 🙂

Way to go Dhoni! 🙂