Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an incredible city in terms of Infrastructure. Every place, every road is well connected. So much so that, every mode of transport is also very well connected. There are sky-scrapers all over which give the city a very hi-tech look. Whats unusual about the place is that, the shape of the city looks like a thin tall lady bent in a curve. The right hand of the city is the South China sea and on the left arm, the mountains. There are really no shores. You see buildings everywhere…

Culture – Havent discovered much.. But, the people speak majorly chinese. They understand very little of English, and that too just few words… If u say path they will not understand, however if you say road, they will… So, its good to be handy with synonyms and keep trying… The office culture is awesome! The women r all petite and thin… very thin in fact… I have found just one chinese woman so far, who can be called turning-in on obesity. The rest are surprisingly well-kept! Its not surprising then that most food items have calorie content mentioned. The chinese women are quite active as far as work is concerned. In my office here, my boss is a lady, three of the colleagues i work with closely, are women. In fact, almost 60-70% of the work-force in my office are women, all neatly and smartly dressed in beautiful formal skirts and trousers.


Climate – The climate is quite moderate… It isnt very cold, nor very hot… However, the sun sets early and m yet to bask in the glory of the Hong Kong sun… It may get a little colder in December and January, when the temperature gets down to as low as 0 degree… God save me then!!! 😉