It all started when I boarded the flight to Mumbai from where my flight to HK was scheduled early morning. I must have had to pack and unpack at least 20 times coz of the stupid baggage restrictions by Air India… A measly 20 Kgs in check-in 😦 And had to remove my fav HP…. Thanks to the stupid 8 kgs hand baggage restriction 😦

And those bloody idiots… they din even check!!! Imagine my frustration then!!! 😦

The flight was another crazy affair…. The hindi movie they played was Apne… Yeah right! Like they expected anyone to watch it…!!! The best part of the flight was that there was no one next to me… Whew! 😐

The flight crew kept coming to wake me (As soon as I wud fall asleep) for things like tea/coffee… And I would be like “Lemme sleep…!!!” Anyways, the food nor the flight was any good…

On reaching HK, some nice Indians guided me out of the Airport and then, a gentleman from Chile helped me hail a taxi to the Hotel… The airport looked like a big Mall… To move within the airport, that is from the arrival to the baggage claim, if you would take the train, you would reach faster… funny! 😀

The hotel is bang in the middle of the market place.. Hence, fruits and vegetables are not a problem. But, then at the hotel u cant cook!!! Lets see how the rest of the trip turns out to be…. One thing is for sure: I think i m gonna starve 😦