Vegetarians and Hong Kong dont go together… Oh! They dont! So, I was just walking back from station to my hotel and something caught my eyes. A flashing green sign saying “Three Virtues Vegetarian Restaurant”. Sach bolti hun, meri aankhon mein aansun aa gaye wo sign dekh kar” Sigh! But so much for the excitement…

I entered the place, a decently decorated authentic chinese restaurant… Had a look at the menu and FROZE!!!!!!!!!!! There was Vegetarian Pork, Vegetarian Meat, Vegetarian Chicken and also Vegetarian Fish!!!


I was so damn flustered… Is that even possible??????????????????????? 😡

Someone explain the mystery to me and kindly SPARE me the old Sardar joke on this… Anyways, managed to discover one dish which was fried noodles with mushroom, steaked beans and vegetables… As soon as I read vegetables, I panicked. I called the waitress and wrote in a sheet of paper

Vegetables = Tomatoes + Carrots

As was expected, she did not understand… Hmmpffffffff… After innumerable tries and about 20 minutes of discussion amongst the people of the restaurant, of what tomatoes and carrots could be, they finally got what I was trying to say. So, I waited and waited… and finally what came, made up for everything… It had potatoes, tomatoes and carrots (Whew!!) and tasted a lot like American Choupsey, we get back home!!! 🙂

Whew! So much for being a vegetarian… !!!! 😐