Having Fun

Hong Kong had been disappointing so far as having fun was concerned… with work everyday and then pooped out after coming back home, was no fun at all… And specially lack of company had more to do with the not-having fun part…

This weekend proved fruitful in a lot of ways… After a really bad friday afternoon, I spent Friday night watching a few sitcoms on my lappie (courtesy: Amit) and had a couple of really good conversations with some close friends (courtesy: GTalk). Spoke to Gargi, old time college friend and decided to meet up with her for lunch the next day…

So, saturday morning she calls me up and is like “Are u in a mood for dosa?” I was like “Are u kidding me?? I would do anything to have a dosa”… And so we went, she, her roomie and I… we had delicious dosas at an Indian place… then saw an Indian grocery store, which boasted of things like Dabur lal dant manjan to latest hindi CDs or DVDs for a pretty reasonable price… Bus, aur kya tha… we bought a couple of VCDs and then went shopping at Mong Kok from there… Its like a flee market… really nice stuff, real cheap! 🙂

The whackiest things these girls bought were a couple of wigs… and yeah, they looked damn cool… 🙂 I was in fact so impressed when i tried one on, that I am positively getting myself one, the next time i visit this place 🙂 Its like, u trying out ur favorite hair styles and hair colors, without having to do anything to ur natural hair… umm.. now that sounds good 😀

So, after loadsssssss of shopping and a sugar-cane juice later, we landed at her place…. Watched Johnny Gaddar and then I crashed at her place… we got up pretty late and then her Indian maid came and made delicious biryani for us! 🙂

Got back to my hotel a while ago! But, trust me… for the first time in Hong Kong, I had fun… All thanks to Gargi and her roomie, who r really nice people 🙂