This woman that you see is not just meagerly-talented, but also really really haughty! Ok then, I will try to now figure out, if it just her attitude, that drives me up the wall, or does her talent also play a role in it.

I have always thought Saroj Khan is to Dance, what Lata is to music!! The woman is sooooo full of talent that a dancer like Madhuri could also flourish only because of the moves she gave her. Then came Farah Khan… I liked the way she came up with innovative steps and while Saroj was the unbeatable queen of Indian dances, Farah carved her niche in western dances and did a great job (Ik pal ka jeena, etc)

Now, suddenly there are talks of this lady Vaibhavi Merchant, who, reportedly, rose from dust to stardom, with Kajra re. Frankly, the first time I saw Kajra re, I was disappointed… Really really disappointed. I firmly believe that she did not use effectively, some of the best beats of the song…so, it kind of gave you an unfinished feeling towards the end! The song was a raving hit and VM scored not because she was good in the song, but because song was such a hit!

Now, a little rewind… and we go to the days of Lagaan… She choreographed O ri chori … now really, did that song need choreography at all!?? And then you went to see Umrao Jaan… Oh My God!!! What a disaster… This was probably the biggest challenge of VM’s career to choreograph the legendary courtesan, whose moves made everyone groove! And she failed in that… and failed abysmally at that! She is so bad, that she could not make Aishwarya rai create magic! Sad!!! 😦

Now, comes my fear… I have waited and waited for Madhuri to make her come-back! And seems like Vaibhavi is going to do the choreography of the much-awaited Aaja Nachle!


Is there no justice in the world anywhere!???????? I bet the girl has some germ of talent hidden somewhere… we all do! But, with that attitude… Gosh! Its just plain sad!