How I met your mother!?

Had heard a LOT about this sitcom on Star-World from Amit and Nishit… and the innovative theme… where the lead guy (the one in the center) is trying to tell his kids, the story of how he met their mother! Now, it may seem quite strange that how can such a theme go on for like 2 seasons already!!! I had the same suspicion… wouldnt it get boring? But, hell… Was I wrong!!!

The sit-com is hilarious and I can now watch it all thanks to Amit, who so kindly burnt the first 2 seasons up on a DVD and sent them to me… 🙂

This sit-com has been my respite in Hong Kong so far… Every day when i come back home, I relax by watching it… and m already falling in love with it…Now, I am scared of the day, when I would have exhausted the 2 seasons! 😐

What would I do then!? 😦

How I met your mother!?

Oh hell!! Would probably find something else by then! 😉

Till then, u guys go check this one out… U wont regret it 🙂