There are talks all over the place about Professionalism these days! I think one of the most neglected and yet the most important aspect of being professional is to be able to distinguish between your personal life and your professional life… To be able to look at the person you hate, and be able to judge his talent objectively… without any biases!

Now this is easier said than done! Absolutely… Especially for us Indians, who wear their hearts on their sleeves. In fact, the idea of this topic came to my mind after some interesting responses I got to this post. People suggested that we should probably give VM her due, because Yash Raj banner has been supporting her throughout… Ok, Ill come back to this later. Lets start from scratch now!

So, we have a director with a ready script in his hands. Ideally, he should consider the entire world at his disposal and should try and fit faces to the character he has in his hands (Something, I am sure Aamir Khan does). But, what usually happens in Bollywood movies, is that… you have a certain set of people (your pet-favorites) and they form part of your camp. So, you try and fit characters to faces… sometimes even change the role to fit the actor. Thats what Karan Johar does when he scripts roles tailor-made for Shahrukh (his closest buddy).

Where the hell is the scope now, for separating personal from professional life????

These Johars and Chopras who are so famous for their camping attitude, do you seriously think that they are with VM because of her talent? Oh come on!!! Now, tell me seriously, do you think Rani was the best choice for a prostitute in Laga Chunari me Daag? NO! She did not even come off as a prostitute that well… She was way too shy and demure to carry off that role! She looked positively gauche in that make-up and costume!! But, I am sure this must not have occured to them to actually look beyond their camp and find someone befitting the role!

Comin back to the VM topic, Even since their fall-out with Saroj Khan, the Chopras have stuck with VM. Not because she is better than Saroj Khan or even as talented as she is, but because after Saroj Khan, they are probably not left with many options (With Farah now more into direction than choreography)

So, people! Lets not learn these values from the bread-earners and the fore-runners of the industry!! They may be successful but they are certainly not setting good examples of Professionalism!